Verbascum Ear Drops (Mullein oil)

Our highly effective natural homeopathic treatment for itchy ears and hardened wax. For Adults and Children

100% Natural Cold Pressed Almond Oil, blended with homeopathic tincture of Verbascum (Mullein oil) and Calendula (Marigold flowers)

Helps reduce discomfort from wearing hearing aids

Soothes and calms itchy irritated ears, loosens troublesome ear wax

Economical and easy to use dropper bottle


Can alleviate earache due to otitis media, the painful eruption of external ear, fungal infections of ear, itching & irritation in ear, swimmer's ear

Earache is a common complaint in children as they are more prone to ear infections than adults but it may occur at any age. The cause of earache can be frequent colds and tonsillitis which often lead to ear infections.

My Mullein homeopathic verbascum ear drops are combined with soothing calendula 6c and aids in the gentle healing of the ear canal and removal of hardened and stubborn ear wax.

Vebascum's main sphere of action is on the ear for the dryness and scaly condition of the meatus and earache. Calendula's action is well documented as a calming agent for irritated skin cells.

No known contraindications

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Apply 1 to 2 drops daily for two to three days to ease itching and inflammation. Mullein oil will loosen hardened wax which may be eased away.


Cold Pressed Almond Oil blended with homeopathic Verbascum Oil

Verbascum (Mullein) and Calendula 6c (Marigold Flowers).


Case History (for Verbascum Ear Drops (Mullein oil))
Young boy of 10 years old, suffering from persistent itchy ears found the drops soothed persistent ear wax. On visiting a GP, his ears were cleared in the normal way.
Case History (for Verbascum Ear Drops (Mullein oil))
Elderly Gentleman with history of ear irritation found the Verbascum ear drops very helpful in clearing hardened ear wax.

Recommendation (for Verbascum Ear Drops (Mullein oil))
This product can also be used to soften hardened ear wax prior to visiting your GP.