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This homeopathic cream is safe, effective and easy to use. We have a large number of satisfied customers.

Beneficial for viral skin conditions.

All our creams and lotions are truly beautiful and does good to the skin.

Thuja is a traditional herbal and homeopathic remedy derived from the Cypress tree (Thuja Occidentalis).

We have a large number of satisfied customers.

Also helps in the treatment of Molluscum C. in children.

Recommended to be used along with the ASSISI Thuja 200c Homeopathy Remedy.


Our highly effective natural treatment for warts, verrucas and skin tags for Adults and Children

The Power of natural remedies, contains homeopathic thuja 6c to help reduce and remove warts

Healing Organic Calendula Tincture soothes and nourishes the skin leaving a blemish free area!

Homeopathy in Action

Economical and easy to use dropper bottle 60ml / 50g


Apply the cream directly to skin warts and verrucas twice daily as required

Take 2 pillules twice daily for 1 week

Full directions on how and when to use are also included with your order.

If condition resists treatment use a constitutional remedy chosen by a qualified Homoeopath alongside the cream.


Homeopathic Thuja 6 in a soothing aqueous cream / lotion with calendula tincture

Homeopathic Thuja 200c in small easy to take sugar pillules


Case History
(for Thuja)

Within the Homeopathic clinic a patient was given a constitutional homeopathic remedy for their health condition which improved dramatically as did their verruca.
Case History
(for Thuja)

Young lady with history of painful verrucas contacted me and said that nothing she had used in the past had ever worked. Within seven days of receiving the cream she contacted me again to say the verrucas were going! She was obviously highly delighted and very relieved.
Case History
(for Thuja)

Just to thank you, my son's warts (he is 12) have completely disappeared over a two month period. They were so bad and unsightly he wore gloves all the time! He is thrilled and has so much more confidence, nothing short of a miracle. Thanks again."
Case History
(for Thuja)

Male adult with warts to his back. Applied the cream/lotion for 3 months and the warts disappeared.