Molluscum Cream

Molluscum Contagiosum (or Molluscum C) is a common skin disease caused by a virus (named Molluscum Contagiosum)

Genuine Berwitz Molluscum Cream - as manufactured by Andrew Berwitz and dispensed from 1999. Beware of similarly named copies which are not to the same standard.

Our homeopathic Molluscum Cream aids in the treatment of the mulluscum pustules in children and adults.

Reduces and heals the effects of molluscum contagiosum without damaging the skin.

Eases burning, inflamed itchy skin eruptions and pearly papules.

It is an unperfumed, cruelty free, natural homeopathic product in a deluxe easy to apply jar.

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I recommend applying the homeopathic Molluscum Cream daily to the affected area until condition clears.

This may take one to two weeks or dependent upon the length of time you have had the condition - it may take up to one to two months to clear.

If noticeable improvement occurs then stop treatment until no further changes are taking place.

You may wish to take before and after photos in order to aid your assessment of improvement.


Homeopathic Remedies Molluscum 6c, Thuja 6, Calendula 6, with Calendula Tincture & Rescue Remedy in soothing aqueous cream


Case History (for Molluscum Cream)
Child of 8 years old with painful itching pustules required homeopathic molluscum cream for 3 weeks, and the condition cleared.
Case History (for Molluscum Cream)
Young boy of 11 years old was given the homeopathic remedy along side the cream, which was used daily and the condition soon cleared.

Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Our daughter picked up Molluscum from her toddler group. The papules started to appear on her neck, arms and lower abdomen. We took her to our GP and told you have to let run it’s course. Almost given up and thought I have one last attempt and came across, ‘Berwitz Homeopathy Molluscum Cream’ and guess what the within a few days the Molluscum started to dry up and disappear. Now a week later and only 1 or 2 spots remain.
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Thanks - it works! Waited 30 days and it makes huge changes to my sons spots- thank you.
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Great Cream!
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
I used this cream with both my children aged 7 and 4 who had the molluscum virus and the spots cleared within 3 weeks!! This was a wonderful result for me as the doctor told me it would clear itself but it would take at least 12 months! I would highly recommend this product!
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Works really well cleared the spots very quickly
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Excellent cream it worked on my daughters' molluscum almos immediately!
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
This is brilliant, it actually clears molluscum spots.
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Amazing!!! After battling these for years we have used the pills and cream together and after 4 days the pustules are drying out and no new ones are appearing!!
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Hi Andrew, just to let you know the molluscum has completely cleared up when my daughter started the treatment, I was a bit worried because the spots came with a vengeance, and were bigger but last week all dried up and no new spots. Thank you for your help.
Recommendation (for Molluscum Cream)
Hi, Thank you for your product it has treated my grandson and within approximately 8 weeks his molluscum has disappeared from his face, with no scarring. Brilliant product.