Scar Tissue Cream

Handmade with Love

Natural Luxury Soothing Cream for nurturing the skin.

Excellent Natural Moisturiser; Rich, Light and non Sticky.

Combining the best of Homeopathy & Aromatherapy.

Healing and soothing for many types of scaring, including post operative scars, acne, cuts and grazes, and postnatal scaring (stretch marks) and keloid tissue.

Fragrance free, Parabens free, cruelty free.

My natural, hand-made, hand blended, homeopathic cream has been developed for both adults and children with many types of scaring, including post operative cars, acne, cuts and grazes, and post natal scaring (stretch marks) and keloid tissue.

Active ingredients include COLD PRESSED WHEAT GERM OIL,VITAMIN E together with a selection of homeopathic remedies chosen for their healing and regenerative properties.

Thiosinaminum (Natural mustard seed helps dissolve scar tissue) & Calc-Phos, Keloid, Calendula Tincture. Formulated by professional Homeopath and natural cosmetician Andrew Berwitz.

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Apply healing cream thinly to affected area, once or twice daily until scaring clears.

Also take Thios 6c homeopathic pillules once daily (Approx 60 pillules in sachet).

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your order.


Cold Pressed Wheat Germ Oil,Vitamin E. Homeopathic remedies Thios, Calc-Phos, Keloid, Calendula Tincture in an aqueous cream base and sachet of Homeopathic Thios 6c


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