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Natural Luxury Soothing Cream for irritated, cracked, dry and inflamed skin and cradle cap.

IDEAL for babies and young children. Also suitable for adults.

My natural, hand-made, hand blended, homeopathic cream has been developed for adults, babies and children to ease the discomfort of sore, cracked, irritated and broken skin commonly found in childhood eczema conditions.

The natural healing power of Calendula keeps a developing baby's skin smooth and healthy looking.

Moisturises and rehydrates, soothes itchy dry and roughened skin.

Formulated especially for babies and children by Professional Homeopath and Cosmetic Scientist Andrew Berwitz.

An excellent natural moisturiser; rich, light texture, non sticky, fragrance free, and parabens free.

No harsh chemicals.

All our creams and lotions are truly beautiful and carefully blended to do good to the skin.


Apply the cream thinly to affected area, once or twice daily until condition clears.

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your order.


A traditional aquaeus cream base medicated with 100% organic tincture of Calendula, Rescue Remedy, Vitamin e together with Homeopathic Graphites 6c


(for Eczema for Children)

Thank you, cream gentle and calming. Mrs S..... UK April 2016