Warts and Sarcoids

For your pets

The Assisi Veterinary Thuja Wart & Sarcoid cream aids in the painless removal of warts, sarcoids & all abnormal skin growths.

As used by established breeders, selected Homeopathic vets and animal support charities.

These natural remedies are tried and tested over the course of time and our Assisi Veterinary products have been helping to heal animals over the past 30 years.

Thuja is a traditional herbal and homeopathic remedy derived from the Cypress tree (Thuja Occidentalis). Beneficial for viral skin conditions. Our Assisi Veterinary therapeutic healing cream especially made for horses, dogs and small animals in potency, helps to sooth itching and irritated skin, whilst gently treating and removing the condition until the epithelial skin rejuvenates to it's normal state.

The warts / sarcoids are usually absorbed by the body.


This highly effective natural treatment is suitable for all animals, especially horses, ponies & dogs.

Beneficial for viral skin conditions. The cream helps to sooth itching and irritated skin, whilst gently treating and removing the condition until the epithelial skin

Recommended to be used along with the Assisi Veterinary Thuja 200c Homeopathy Remedy.

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Apply the cream to skin warts/sarcoids just twice daily.

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your purchase.

Formulated for pets by Professional Homeopath and Natural Cosmetician Andrew Berwitz.


Homeopathic Thuja 6

Calendula 6

Hypercal Tincture

In soothing natural aqueous cream/lotion.


Case History (for Warts and Sarcoids)

Genital warts cleared after treatment over 3 months. "Fantastic product, saw an almost instant improvement ! Warts now almost gone"

Case History (for Warts and Sarcoids)

A client with a grey horse who was prone to warts. The cream/lotion, applied for 2 months, all warts disappeared.

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

9 days starting to work 👍

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

The thuja warts cream and remedy kit seems great and I’ve started using it. I see a change in just a few days! I will use this service(s) in the future!

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

My pets love this seller! He is Dr feel good for animals. All natural, safe products that work!

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

Amazing stuff. My old dogs wee eye wart has all but gone in less than a week on this and the eye dropped. I was very loath to put him through removal surgery, and gave this a try. What a result. Happy. Thank you so much.

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

We started using the wart cream, and at first the wart seemed to grow but today it has burst to leave a very clean unscarred spot. Amazing! Thank you so much.

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

I highly recommend this seller. The products work. The delivery is prompt. Totally trustworthy and excellent quality products.

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

Product as described and dispatched promptly, THANKS!!!

Recommendation (for Warts and Sarcoids)

Well wrapped, worth money, great cream