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For your pets

Homeopathic Natural Skin Care for your Dog.

Combining the best of Homeopathy & Aromatherapy.

Enhanced antiseptic and healing properties of tea-tree oil, combined with our homeopathic remedies provide healthy natural solutions for the anal area.

Reduces Itching. Provides immediate relief from pain, irritation and allergic reactions

Anti-bacterial anti-fungal. Non-toxic, Cruelty free, Safe and effective.

This product, with the enhanced healing properties of Tea-Tree Oil, combined with our homeopathic remedies, in a soothing aqueous cream base, provides healing solutions and reduced irritation to the anal glands.

Anti-itch pain relief for itchy bottoms.

Can also be used for allergic reactions, fly & flea bite.

Anti-bacterial anti-fungal.

ASSISI VETERINARY Anal Itching Cream has been developed for dogs suffering with impacted, itching and inflamed anal glands.

This non-irritant soothing homeopathic cream is tried and tested over the course of time and our remedies, creams and ointments have been helping to heal small animals since 1979.

Formulated for pets by professional Homeopath Andrew Berwitz.


Apply thinly to affected area, once or twice daily until condition clears.

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your order.


A blend of pure Aromatic essential oil of tea tree, combined with homeopathic remedies calc-carb, hepar-sulph, silica, causticum and calendula. chosen for their anti-septic properties, and healing qualities, in an aqueous cream base.


Case History
(for Anal Itching Cream)

I have many happy pet customers with their satisfied owners who are delighted with the power of homeopathy

(for Anal Itching Cream)

Great service, very pleased with the product thank you
(for Anal Itching Cream)

Fast delivery and lovely cream!