K-Purr Original Natural Grooming Lotion & Anti-Flea(Cats)

The Original
Natural Grooming Lotion
For your cats and kittens

Combined Flea, Mite & Tick Grooming lotion

Also for the treatment of insect stings, bites, itchy & problem skin

Homeopathy and Aromatherapy for Cats and Kittens

Contains aromatic essential oils, herbal tinctures & homeopathic remedies

Safe, non toxic, chemical free, cruelty free, Established over 30 years

Product Description


Excellent anti-parasitic kills fleas & mites naturally.

Aids in removal of Ticks.

Soothing & healing the skin after bites & stings.

Safe for nursing queens & kittens. Safe for owners children & asthmatics. Free from harmful chemicals found in everyday flea lotions.

Does not contain Tea-Tree, Peppermint or Citrus essential Oils which are best avoided in cats.

As used internationally by top breeders of Cats & Dogs, Homeopathic vets & Animal support charities.

These Assisi Veterinary natural remedies are tried & tested over the course of time.

The natural Aromatherapy oils creates a calm, soothing environment for your pet.

Assisi Veterinary products have helped to heal animals for over 35 years.

K-Purr Natural Grooming Lotion for Cats & Kittens

K-Purr Natural Grooming Lotion for Cats & Kittens

K-Purr Natural Grooming Lotion (refill) for Cats & Kittens

K-Purr Natural Grooming Lotion for Cats & Kittens

Complete Range
Dogs, Cats, Horses, Small Animals
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Shake bottle. Apply small quantity to coat or on your hand. Then massage & comb in well. Groom as usual.

Directions on how & when to use are included with order.

Formulated for pets by Professional Homeopath & natural cosmetician Andrew Berwitz.

Click HERE to View/Download/Print directions. (In another tab).


A traditional blend of Pure Aromatic Essential oils, chosen for their antiflea properties, combined with Herbal Tinctures & Homeopathic Remedies with proven natural healing abilities in an aqueous base.

All products are ethical, chemical free, cruelty free & recycled packaging is used.

BUAV approved supplier.


Case History (for K-Purr Original Natural Grooming Lotion & Anti-Flea(Cats))

A busy cattery had flea problems. Cats with sensitive skin were unable to use proprietary products. The Assisi Lotion helped to eradicate the fleas without upsetting the cats skins. I offer a fast friendly personal service. "Wonderful Product; Kind yet Super Effective,Kills Fleas & Smells Gorgeous" "This is a fantastic product that is a healthy choice to all other products - Brill!"

Case History (for K-Purr Original Natural Grooming Lotion & Anti-Flea(Cats))

Recently a rescue centre used only our product for an entire year and they happily reported that the only fleas they saw after using our lotion were dead ones! They were highly delighted and so was I.

Recommendation (for K-Purr Original Natural Grooming Lotion & Anti-Flea(Cats))

Fast delivery, excellent seller. Thanks very much. Don't know if it works yet but 1 of my Ragamuffin cats is allergic to all flea treatments and the other 1 never washes herself but after the 1st application the female started licking her fur and enjoying it. She can have normal flea treatments but its made her wash, so that’s a win.

Recommendation (for K-Purr Original Natural Grooming Lotion & Anti-Flea(Cats))

My dog Lottie is a rescue from Romania, with a thick coat. And she absolutely hates being bathed! However, she loves being brushed, and doesn’t mind me finishing off with an application of the Assisi Dog Grooming Lotion. It makes her coat silky and fresh smelling and means I don’t have to bathe her so often.
Even more importantly, this is the only product I use for flea protection. I first used the grooming lotion when my dog trainer recommended it for fleas, as I was increasingly unhappy at having to use toxic spot-on products. To my utter delight, it killed all the fleas on her and since then I have never had to use a spot-on product again for fleas – or ticks. In fact, on 2 occasions, the Assisi lotion has caused ticks to detach from her coat and fall onto the floor. And my vet has twice remarked on how good her coat looks.
I also use the Assisi Cat Grooming Lotion on my cat – again, I never have to worry about fleas on her, winter or summer. And her fur looks great!