Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion(Horses)

The Original
Natural Grooming Lotion
For Horses, Ponies & Donkeys

Ideal for horses, ponies & donkeys, can also be used by nursing mares and foals.

Contains homeopathic remedies chosen for their healing and grooming properties.

Aids in the treatment of insect bites, scratches and sores.

Marengo was a horse owned by Napoleon Bonaparte. Sadly, I cannot claim that he used my lotion on his horse Marengo, but I have cheekily christened my remedies, has been developed over the past 30 years.

Product Description

My all-purpose lotion, blended from natural plant oils and homeopathic remedies, has been developed over the past 30 years. my product was used within my stable yard over many years prior to my training as a homeopath.

I have used the lotion for pre-show ring grooming and if used properly, you can really bring up the sheen and shine on your horses coat plus, it is excellent for wounds, cuts and grazes, whether your horse catches itself on a barbed wire, nicks itself on a nail, or is bitten by another horse in the field.

Simply spray upon the affected area and let nature’s healing power operate. Great for warding off those irritating flies that so annoy your horse. It is not a repellent (see listing for repellents to follow) but you can spray yourself and the horse before riding out to deter the gnats and irritating horse flies whilst enjoying your ride, soothes saddle sores, plus you will both receive the calming influence from the lotion, an excellent soother for dry skin and dandruff.

A grooming aid and helps stimulate new coat growth. Shines and conditions mane, tail and coat.

Use routinely or on the morning of the show.

Assisi marengo grooming lotion is soft and gentle to the skin and can be used to remove discharge from the eyes and nose preventing harmful bacterial growth.

Helps to sooth raw areas and keeps disease carrying flies away from eye and nasal passages. 100% pure and natural. Excellent for dermatitis and hair loss.

Helps stimulate new coat growth. The Assisi marengo grooming lotion works at different levels of being, not only does it treat such physical problems as coat, skin and minor wounds, the homeopathic ingredients also work at the emotional and mental level and are good for nervous anxiety and stress conditions.

A leaflet describing all these applications will be enclosed with each order.

Excellent for travel sickness and travel anxiety, can be used to placate and reduce stress in horses that are suffering in transit and upon arrival at their new location, whether it be a new home, or the show ring, or simply a day out in the fields.

Good for sweet itch and habitual scratching.

Soothes anxious and nervous conditions.

Also aids in warding off unwanted flies, treats minor wounds, cuts and grazes, fly bites, soothes saddle sores. Good for sweet itch and habitual scratching.

Promotes hair and mane growth where hoods, rugs and saddles have left their unsightly marks.

Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion for Horses & Ponies

Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion for Horses & Ponies

Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion refill for Horses & Ponies

Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion for Horses & Ponies

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Massage or Comb in Well and Groom as usual. Thoroughly brush with a stiff dandy brush to remove mud, dirt, debris, and loose coat hair from your horses before applying the lotion.

Apply body brush in the usual fashion. You are now ready to use the Assisi Lotion.

Shake the bottle to ensure an even mix of lotion and spray onto coat, mane and tail sparingly.

A very little lotion goes a long way.

Work the lotion well into the coat, mane and tail with your body brush to loosen dirt and hair, stimulate your horse’s skin and bring out natural oils of the coat. Use your body brush in circular fashion (comb in usual way), until the coat is dry to promote the natural lustre and colour of the coat.

For treatments to skin apply to affected area and massage in with fingers.

For short term anti fly protection apply lotion to muzzle and around eyes with fingers and spray hot spots.

For anxiety and stress apply lotion to horse and in the vicinity to create a aromatherapy style ambience or experience. (a leaflet describing how to use this product and the story behind this successful lotion will be sent with every order.)

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Blended with the finest pure organic plant oils and homeopathic remedies, non-greasy, suitable for all coats, manes and tails.

Helps stimulate new hair growth and maintain a fine healthy coat.

Main active ingredients include:

arnica montana, cantharis, apis mel, cocculus, chamomile and lavender.


Case History (for Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion(Horses))

16.2, Palomino gelding applied the lotion regularly to bring up his coat beautifully. This horse became the lead horse in the Manchester police mounted section. His story will be told in the leaflet provided with each purchase.

Case History (for Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion(Horses))

14.2, bay gelding suffered minor cuts to chest and foreleg. Lotion applied and within 24 hours the wound healed with out scarring.

Case History (for Marengo Natural Grooming Lotion(Horses))

Used within my yard, over many years for skin ailments, minor cuts and grazes, and show preparation.