Tea Tree Natural Shampoo

For your Dogs and Puppies

Concentrated Low Lather Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies.

Used internationally by top breeders, homeopathic vets, grooming parlours, and pet lovers and the Police dog handlers for over 30 years.

A natural antiparasitic to kill fleas and mites.

Improves skin and coat condition.

Safe Natural Non Toxic, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free, Made in the UK.

Suitable for use on dogs and puppies with sensitive skins

Product Description

Blended with the finest pure plant oils, ph balanced, low lather and nontoxic.

Suitable for all coats, gentle to the skin, acting as a non-irritant for dogs and cats with skin problems.

Safe and soothing for Puppies & dogs, Kittens & cats.

Non-toxic, kills fleas without exposing pets and owners to harmful pesticides.

Assisi tea tree oil natural coat conditioner is for champions, used internationally by champions, makes the coat soft and silky, detangles and has a beautiful lasting aromatherapy tea tree fragrance.

Especially formulated to assist in the grooming of curly haired breeds such as poodles and old english sheepdogs. Helps in de-tangling knotted hair.

Used internationally by pet owners, top breeders, homeopathic vets, grooming parlours, kennels, vegetarians and vegans and other dog lovers for over 35 years.

The natural Aromatherapy oils creates a calm, soothing environment for your pet.

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Apply regularly during Flea season, and can be used together with the ASSISI Natural Flea and Tick Grooming Lotion.

After shampoo and rinse, apply conditioner and work well into the coat with your hands and or brush.

Rinse thoroughly.

For short or soft-coated breeds, rinse soon after application.

For heavier coats, leave for five minutes and then rinse well.

Dry coat in the usual manner, and groom thoroughly.

Full directions on how and when to use are included with your purchase.

Formulated for your pets by professional Homeopath Andrew Berwitz.


ASSISI Tea Tree Aromatherapy Shampoo is blended with the finest natural ingredients, in a soothing shampoo base, together with concentrated tea tree oil to help eradicate fleas.

Blended with tea tree oil, naturally fragrant, soothing and anti-parasitic, combined with herbal tinctures in a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic hair conditioner base.

Containing only the finest organic waxes and natural ingredients.

Designed to enhance the body texture of your pet's coat, whilst leaving it soft and full of natural lustre.

Tea tree oil which is a natural anti-parasitic, also kills fleas and mites.

Improves hair growth and minor skin conditions.

Does not contain formaldehyde, often found in cheap pet products.

Free from sodium lauryl sulphate. (SLS free), free from toxins.


Recommendation (for Tea Tree Natural Shampoo (Dogs))

Arrived on time 🕰️, it’s for my little dachshund great, his fur is so soft and bright, he smells nice, thank you 🤩 Christine

Recommendation (for Tea Tree Natural Shampoo (Dogs))

Bonnie was a placid, gentle, quiet dog; unusual for a border collie. She likes the Assisi shampoo.